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TakeCare Certification by Marriott International

Welcome to TakeCare Certification! We believe in providing healthy opportunities, building communities of respect and kindness, and creating a strong sense of purpose. These values are so important to that we've designed an annual award that recognizes groups that prioritize organizational culture. We believe all organizations – from schools and volunteer organizations to offices, teams, and communities – play a role in improving individual wellbeing. There are many ways to promote wellbeing and improve community mindedness including group activities, personal advancement and community involvement, financial wellbeing, mindfulness, fitness classes, and healthy eating. TakeCare Certification is a significant achievement and one way to demonstrate how your organization has taken steps to help make members of your organization happier and healthier.

Each year, we certify organizations at the Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Titanium level. The application consists of six categories of wellbeing criteria, including: Leading Others, Wellbeing Champions & Activations, Wellbeing Challenges, Focus on Opportunity, Focus on Community, and Focus on Purpose.

While Marriott has developed this program to certify the organizations that are leading the efforts to promote wellbeing in our communities, all information provided in response to the application will be used by our third party provider for the sole purpose of evaluating your efforts and will remain confidential, even from Marriott.

Check out our announcement here. We invite you to complete our TakeCare Certification questionnaire today!

Managed Marriott Locations Apply Here 

All Other Organizations Apply Here 

Marriott Franchised Locations Apply Here


Questions? Email takecare@marriott.com